Now is the time to upgrade your marketing with gamification

Leadfamly’s marketing gamification platform enables
marketers to design, launch, and track game campaigns—to create strong business results fast.

Our Platform

A powerful tool that gives you full control

Be the creator, the developer, the designer, the doer. Leadfamly enables marketers to be agile in creating, managing, and executing game campaigns, directly from the Leadfamly platform and with no coding skills required. The platform seamlessly integrates with all major marketing tools.

Gamification in Marketing FAQ

Demystifying gamification

Adding game mechanics to the mix is a new concept for many marketers, so we took the questions we get asked most and created an FAQ.

Driving Business Results

You never knew how much gamification could help grow revenue

Achieve quick and consistent results by tapping into the core of human nature. Leadfamly provides a simple platform that enables you to build effective game campaigns.

“For us, as a business, gamification is the perfect way to communicate with our consumers. Gamification offers a number of different possibilities — from high-converting games to surveys and polls — that enable us to understand our customers. Long term, this will help us further expand on our shopper persona profiles with the possibility of creating more personalized journeys and experiences.”
— Matthew Christiansen, Digital Marketing Manager, Costcutter Read the success story

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