Let’s have a chat.

It all starts with a conversation.

By the end of our call, our goal is for you to feel inspired and excited.

We’d like to show you how in a 15-minute chat — you’ll be joined by one of our gamification experts who will follow your lead — whether that’s answering questions, explaining how gamification works (and the data to back it up), or talking through a marketing challenge you are facing. We promise that there’s no obligation after the chat (and we mean it!). 

Invite us to a 15-minute chat – Together we can decide if the conversation should continue

What does 15-minutes get you?

Here at Leadfamly, we know how games and play transform marketing from passive to active. And if we do our job right, you’ll leave our first chat feeling inspired, excited, and ready to get started.

We have plenty of time for a discussion, so bring any questions you may have. Here’s a few routes the conversation can go: 

  • Tell us about yourself!
    We would like to hear about your story and brand situation. What’s going well? What challenges are you facing as a business? 
  • A quick dive into gamification in your industry
    If there’s time and you’re interested, we can offer a perspective on how gamification is being used in your industry + explain how gamification can help acquire, target & grow, and retain customers. 
  • Decide if the conversation should continue 
    Together we can decide if it makes sense for us to keep talking and exploring how the Leadfamly platform can help your brand achieve your targets. 

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