There’s no ‘i’ in our famly

Our name is no coincidence. We are a famly, with more emphasis on the ‘WE’ than the ‘I’. We depend on the creativity, drive, and independent thinking of individuals, but our successes are always team efforts.

Leadfamly is a place where you find the support you need to grow and thrive. A place where you are allowed to do your best. We are a founder-led SaaS company experiencing high growth, but we also believe in a healthy work-life balance.

Are you ready to join a famly with heart and ambition?

“A place where you are allowed to do your best.”
– Phoebe Berke, Manager of Customer Education and Academy

Leadfamly’s values

  • You’re part of a team taking the good and the bad together
  • Your contribution is expected and valued
  • Your entrepreneurial spirit is always cheered on
  • You respect everybody else, no matter how different they are
  • You love to see others prosper
  • You are reliable and just a phone call away

Onwards and upwards

You’ll be joining a team of experts who enable our customers and audience to create strong business results with gamification in marketing. We put our customers in the driver’s seat as they speed towards success.

We offer competitive career opportunities with a clear path to growth and a great famly of coworkers.

Meet some of us

Speedy runner
Dog mom
Always the first on the dance floor
Katrine is a speedy runner and dog mom. And she’s always the first on the dance floor.
Tha Dah speaks 4 languages and loves food. His favorite dish is pad krapow, and he
puts remoulade on pizza.
Tanja is a karaoke legend and loves cheese. She’s also the head of her dog pack (she has 5 dogs!).




gender split




(including Duolingo)



Making a difference to customers

You guys are amazing – best service ever. Money well spent! We’re really grateful for your fast response times and great service.

LeadFamly is an intuitive platform. Once you have your final text and different graphical elements it is mostly plug and play from there.

If you should have any questions regarding a specific game or feature, the online chat is always ready with a fast reply, helping hand or video guide.

With the support of the Leadfamly team, Virgin Red has been able to deliver an engaging and fun gamification element for its members. We can’t wait to see what else we can do as our members really do love trying their luck to win Virgin Points.

Working with Leadfamly, both the platform and the people, is fantastic. Creating a game takes no time at all and when you get stuck, the support is fast and helpful. Also, our CSM is awesome and always focused on helping us get the most out of the platform.

— Würth Danmark

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