Success story

Carbon Theory’s Bag The Bar

“It helps us be more interactive while also doing ‘selling’ more passively. Customers engage with the brand through the games and they have fun.”

— Ellie Hummerston, Brand Manager, Carbon Theory

The skincare brand Carbon Theory wanted to engage customers in a new way and provide some fun through their marketing efforts. The team knew that people would be spending more time on their phones at the beginning of the lockdown, so they found a way to capture their attention and provide a stress-free experience. Carbon Theory decided to use gamification to give their customers that bit of fun and a new way to shop online. 

The brand’s identity is rooted in sustainability with a big focus on using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients in their products. They’re known for their iconic charcoal soap bar that is actually made from real charcoal! This hot ticket item has been instrumental to their success and has kicked off a whole line of skincare products. The marketing team uses gamification for many purposes, but one is to give customers a reason to increase their basket size.  

About the campaign

In mid-March, Carbon Theory launched a timed campaign featuring a Drop Game. They promoted it with advertisements and a clever social media strategy that included extra incentives for high scores and social shares. When a player got a certain score, they received an automatic voucher of 10% that could be applied to their purchase. If they shared on Instagram stories, then they received an additional incentive. 

For the duration of the two-week campaign, they decided to skip the registration form. This was for two reasons: (1) to provide a distraction from lockdown and (2) to get customers to ‘jump the funnel’ and go directly into playing the game. Because of how successful and engaging the game was, Carbon Theory decided to make the Drop Game part of their paid social strategy and ongoing customer acquisition activity. Once they changed the campaign to ‘always-on’, they added the registration form.

Why Leadfamly works for Carbon Theory

Leadfamly allows Carbon Theory to inject that ‘fun factor’ into their marketing that is essential to their target audience. It helps reach customers in a way that seems genuine and expresses their unique brand personality: 

“Leadfamly is a way to show our personality within the brand, in a way that we can’t otherwise. It helps us be more interactive while also doing ‘selling’ more passively. Customers engage with the brand through the games and they have fun, but importantly, we also see sales that we can directly attribute to our game campaigns.”

— Ellie Hummerston, Brand Manager, Carbon Theory

The results

The discount code given for completing the drop game was redeemed 1,850 times, making it their most used discount code to date. It also generated sales, including bigger ticket items. Within the first 14 days of the game campaign, they saw direct sales of over £10,000. They saw an average engagement rate of 01:15 minutes which hit a major KPI for the team. Carbon Theory figured that their audience would be using their phones more, and they were proved correct when 98% of people who played the game did so on a mobile phone.

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Carbon Theory made this Drop Game at the beginning of lockdown with the sole intention of creating something fun for their audience. By activating them in a fun and genuine way, it has had the nice side effect of selling without seeming like it. The brand was able to reach out and provide a bit of fun, managing to stay top of mind during these tumultuous times. 

“Introducing game campaigns to our marketing efforts has helped us lower our cost-per-lead AND has enabled us to get our app users to use the Neste app more often.”
— Tytti Stranding, B2C Marketing Manager, Neste Read the success story