Success story

Costcutter’s Valentine’s Day Campaign

“Gamification offers a number of different possibilities — from high-converting games to surveys and polls — that enable us to understand our customers.”

– Matthew Christiansen, Digital Marketing Manager, Costcutter

Costcutter was looking for new ways to communicate with and engage their consumers. They were looking for a way to inject more digital creativity into some of their consumer facing marketing. Costcutter’s Digital Marketing Manager, Matthew Christiansen, explained, “One of the key ways we support our network of independent retailers who operate our stores is by helping them put their shoppers first. Creating engaging and creative marketing campaigns and finding new and exciting ways to engage shoppers is central to the marketing support we provide.

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The campaign

They decided to run a Valentine’s Day campaign with prizes including bottles of prosecco, chocolates, and movie theater tickets. For this campaign, they built a Spin The Bottle game where players knew immediately if they had won or not.

In addition to being timely, the purpose of the campaign was to engage their customers and drive footfall to stores across the United Kingdom.

Costcutter is the main fascia brand of the convenience retail group, Costcutter Supermarkets Group, headquartered in the UK. Costcutter convenience stores include both independently-owned stores as well as stores owned by CSG.

Why Leadfamly works for Costcutter

The Leadfamly platform allows for full flexibility and customization, and Costcutter can use the different features like the landing page builder to supplement their website.

The platform and different game types also help them engage and learn more about their customers.

Right now, the focus is on customers, but Costcutter is also looking at, in the future, how to use gamification to partner with their suppliers and perhaps even to use gamification internally.

“For us, as a business, gamification is the perfect way to communicate with our consumers. Gamification offers a number of different possibilities — from high-converting games to surveys and polls — that enable us to understand our customers. Long term, this will help us further expand on our shopper persona profiles with the possibility of creating more personalized journeys and experiences.”

– Matthew Christiansen, Digital Marketing Manager, Costcutter


1. Start somewhere and build from there.

It’s a good idea to start with a manageable goal. You can always build as you go forward and make a long-term gamification plan. For example, Costcutter has begun with holiday-themed campaigns, but they intend to expand into partnering with suppliers for game campaigns.

2. Be open-minded and unafraid of experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Matt Christiansen explains that campaign limits are really about the limits of your imagination so get creative and test to see what works.

3. Be intentional about CTAs + buttons.

In this campaign, Costcutter placed a location finder button at the end of the game flow. Because of this, they had 1,400 people click through to find the closest location to them. In other games they’ve built, they haven’t placed the location finder button at the end. What they’ve learned is that this is an important CTA placement for them.

4. Make the tool work for your business needs.

The Leadfamly platform is quite flexible so take the time to learn how to use it. Once you learn the ins-and-outs, then you can use the tool to complement your existing marketing initiatives. For example, Costcutter began with building game campaigns, but now they also use the landing page builder to also create a place for recipes and products that are related to the game campaigns.

5. Find the game types that fit your business best.

Costcutter has found that, so far, game concepts like Spin The Bottle, the Shell Game, and a Puzzle are successful game concepts for them. Specifically, with the puzzle, Costcutter was able to collect 6,000 marketing permissions, which was a fantastic result.

“Introducing game campaigns to our marketing efforts has helped us lower our cost-per-lead AND has enabled us to get our app users to use the Neste app more often.”
— Tytti Stranding, B2C Marketing Manager, Neste Read the success story