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How Cramo Uses Gamification To Level Up Their Partnership Initiatives

“It’s a fun way to engage our customers. Previously, our marketing efforts have been more traditional, so this is a new way for us.”

– Sari Lindfors, Digital Marketing Specialist, Cramo Finland

The B2B business Cramo began using gamification to create deeper engagement with their audience. Since then they’ve been using gamification to add another dimension to their marketing and to create a deeper connection between their brand and sponsorship initiatives. Two recent sponsorships or brand affiliations that Cramo has done is with Big Brother Suomi, a popular TV series, and an on-going awareness campaign that resulted in a donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 

Creating game campaigns enables Cramo to closely connect their brand to a sponsorship and case that aligns with them. Recently, they have worked on two campaigns where they are using game mechanics as part of their greater overall strategy. 

Cramo Finland is part of Cramo-Boels Group, which is Europe’s leading rental services companies specializing in construction machinery and equipment rental. They are operating in 17 countries in Europe and in the Nordics. Cramo provides modern rental solutions to construction companies and customers in trade, industry and the public sector, as well as to private customers.

About the campaigns

Big Brother Suomi

Cramo is one of the partners of the production of the TV show, Big Brother, which is on air every evening when the season is running. As a partner, Cramo gets equipment and branding placed in the house, and the Cramo brand is very visible on TV. As part of the sponsorship, Cramo provides gift codes so that winners can watch Big Brother Suomi all day, every day. That’s where gamification comes in.

Rather than just give away the codes, Cramo used game mechanics to make the experience more engaging. They used a luck game, Wheel Of Fortune, to get players to have fun and a chance at the reward. The gift codes, 84 of them, were quickly won. 

Part of the sponsorship also included Cramo Week at the Big Brother house, where all of the activities were connected to Cramo and the machinery. Cramo was able to use gamification to amplify the impact of their Big Brother campaign. 


Cramo wanted to raise awareness of their ECO line of products, and they decided to also use this as an opportunity to contribute to a good cause. Cramo had a pop-up on their website, which invited people to learn more about their ECO product line through a Memory Game, and when they did, Cramo put aside €1 to the World Wildlife Fund for that game play, and that donation was made at the end of last year.  

Big Brother


minutes average engagement per game play

WWF Memory Game


minutes average engagement per game play

Why Leadfamly works for Cramo

Leadfamly enables Cramo to be agile in the execution of campaigns because they can build them in-house and when it makes sense for Cramo. Gamification also gives this B2B company a competitive advantage because it sets them apart from their competitors, both through the use of game mechanics and aligning the Cramo brand with two other well-known brands, Big Brother TV and WWF.

“It’s a fun way to engage our customers. Previously, our marketing efforts have been more traditional, so this is a new way for us. It also helps us brand ourselves as a digital leader, which is important because of the product we provide.

The tool also gives us control, so when I have an idea, I can go in and test to see if it works. I don’t need a complex plan, and resources aren’t wasted. It’s a really agile way to work, and it gives me control over our campaigns and when we launch them.”

– Sari Lindfors, Digital Marketing Specialist, Cramo Finland

Gamification has helped Cramo tap into a new digital aspect and provides a way to work flexibly and provides a competitive advantage for the brand. It allows them to raise awareness in a fresh, and perhaps unexpected, way for the B2B company. Let’s wait and see what they do next.

“In marketing, we all know you need to have something to get people’s attention and to get people to interact with your brand and products. So gamification is part of the machine that marketers can build, along with using email marketing, social media, and retargeting that your audience experiences as the brand’s universe.”
— Martin Schmidtmann Holden, Digital Marketing Specialist, Würth Danmark Read the success story