Success story

Hygge Campaign

“In my world, that’s crazy that you can get two minutes of engagement from a single experience.”

– Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen, Digital Marketing Manager, BESTSELLER

VERO MODA is a women’s fashion brand and is part of the BESTSELLER Group available in 23 countries. They wanted to create experiences that raise awareness and also focus on engagement.

Why Leadfamly works for VERO MODA

VERO MODA uses gamification to interact with and activate their customers and audience. They created a Personality Quiz about the Danish word hygge

The purpose of the Hygge Quiz was to create a chance for the audience to learn about the concept, and for VERO MODA to tap into the concept as a fashion brand.

The Quiz was a fun interaction, and not a product push. After the Quiz and finding out how ‘hygge you are,’ only then was there a registration form. Those who signed up— over 50% of players— were then entered to win a Hygge kit. 

VERO MODA has learned that the gamification element is key. In a previous campaign, they had organized a competition where you entered to win a party for you and your friends valued at €2,000. There wasn’t a gamification element. Even though the prize was bigger, this party competition didn’t perform as well and was less successful than the Hygge campaign. 

“In my world, that’s crazy that you can get two minutes of engagement from a single experience. 

It’s important to know where your customers engage with you when you build your campaigns. So for us to know that 85% of our audience took the Hygge Personality Test on a mobile device. For us, that means we have to think mobile-first and build our campaigns for mobile. Luckily, the platform also supports that.”

– Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen, Digital Marketing Manager, BESTSELLER



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The results

VERO MODA saw 22,500 visitors for this campaign with most coming from organic traffic like social media and their newsletter. From those 22,500 visitors, the conversion rate was 52%. 

Although the primary purpose of the quiz was to create a fun interaction, VERO MODA also wanted to gain sign ups for their database. But as signing up was optional after the quiz results were shown, the quiz performed really well and resulted in 10,000 visits into the website, which means that almost all of the players who registered, visited VERO MODA’s website to see products related to the campaign. 

Lastly, the average engagement time was 2 minutes and 7 seconds. This was incredible for VERO MODA that they were able to have their audience spend that much time with them. 


1. Be where your audience is. 

For VERO MODA, that means focusing on mobile-first game campaigns. Kjærgaard Nielsen also recommends setting a target for your campaign, and then use that to measure the success of your campaign. To be successful with this, you will need to consider your audience.

2. Focus on the visuals.

This is another way that VERO MODA sets themselves apart with their campaigns. While they use the Leadfamly platform, they make the games their own through using high-quality images and creative campaigns.  

3. Prioritize the experience.

With the sign-up page at the end of the game flow, this campaign is a perfect example of creating a thoughtful game that offers something of value before asking for information.  

“Game mechanics give us a way to listen to our customers’ preferences and use that information to direct products to the markets that they’ll perform best in. Gamification campaigns have also lowered our CPL and reduced a new customer’s first time to purchase. In addition to all of this, the data we gathered also enabled me to write a brief to our organization about what our audience wants from Masai.”
— Maria Stigsnæs-Eriksen, Head of E-Commerce Sales & Campaigns, Masai Read the success story