2019: Year In Review

At our LeadFamly Christmas party last Friday, I started off the welcome toast in an unusual way. “When I look toward 2020, I don’t want us to repeat and have another crazy year,” I began. 

We saw a revenue growth of 170% in 2019. What I meant was that the crazy growth we saw this year was great, but perhaps not healthy to sustain. Let me explain—

In 2019:

We had 150% employee growth

We received an ISO 27001:2013 certification

We grew the business by over 200 clients

We won the DutchFinnish, and the UK markets

Our clients rocked it

Our clients saw 55 million game plays (more than double of last year’s number, 23 million) 🥳

1.2M game plays on the busiest day

4 million game plays = a single client’s traffic

We communicated, a lot

We also sent a lot of messages, including having a lively chat support 💻

Number of conversations answered on Intercom: 5,600

Replies sent on Intercom: 35,500

Number of Slack messages sent: 150,000 

We improved our product

In May, we released version 4.0 of the platform

That same month, we crunched the numbers and found that every second, someone is playing a game powered by LeadFamly

Just seven months later, that’s doubled: now every second, two people are playing a game powered by LeadFamly (!)

We wrote our Careers page

We found out how our colleagues describing working at LeadFamly. We worked on this from the bottom up: we sent out a survey and used the results. 

How we describe life at LeadFamly:

We’re committed. We move fast and are focused on growth.

We’ve got each others’ backs. We have fun, but we’re serious about GSD*.

We’re a bit wild, like cowboys. We are ambitious and like to be kept on our toes.

We’re constantly improving. We act like pioneers, fail fast, and move on. That’s 👌. 

We’re a team working towards world domination. We like to joke and hygge, but step into our office and you’ll feel the energy and buzz of hard work. We have global ambitions to be #1.

 *GSD = getting shit done

This wasn’t something I or Thomas, our founder, wrote. Regardless, we are both very pleased with how our team described the work we do, the offices we have, and the camaraderie we feel.

As you can see, we went after a lot in 2019. So, here’s to a new year where we aren’t ambitious with new initiatives. Here’s to a year where we focus on being ambitious with what we’ve already started– that we believe is sustainable and still ambitious. And here’s to you. Thank you for being a part of our story— it means the world to us.

Game on!