Platform Update: Option To Set Location-Based Bulk Prizes

There’s a new feature for bulk prizes. It’s now possible to define a prize based on the user’s answer to their location in the registration.

Here’s why this is great:

  • Location-based prizes make it convenient for multi-location businesses to set prizes based on inventory.
  • This makes it easier for businesses to manage multi-location campaigns.
  • This makes it more efficient for businesses to utilize their existing inventory. 

For example, a travel agency wants to promote new travel packages to their Northern European audience. They’ve decided to create a Personality Quiz, “Are you a beach bum, a city dweller, or an adventure seeker?”. 

In the registration form, the travel agency can share a dropdown of favorite destinations. For those who choose Thailand as their favorite from Thailand, Japan, and Peru, AND whose personality is a beach bum, they can receive a voucher or special offer on a trip to Thailand.

Another way this can be used is for retailers who want to allocate prizes based on store inventory. So, a supermarket could set prizes based on the store(s) in a certain postal code that has inventory.  

The technical stuff: