Gamification can improve marketing results fast – but are you ready for it?

The secret power of gamification
is engagement.

Cleverly crafted games catch the attention of your audience and hooks it for several minutes at a time – leading to conversion rates you used to dream of.

At Leadfamly, we have specialised in gamification in marketing. Our long-term customers all reap substantial benefits from incorporating gamification in the marketing plans, not only because it works, but also because these customers have the right mindset about it.

Can you succeed with gamification as well?​

Answer 4 questions and see if you have what it takes.

Gamification as a business growth driver

Whether you want to acquire new customers, retain existing customers or want to grow customer lifetime value, using game mechanics in your marketing efforts will help you achieve strong business results.

Get new customers

Gamification engages the customers your traditional marketing can’t. When the low-hanging fruits are picked, you need a more innovative and impactful approach to attract and engage the not-so-low-hanging customers. Gamification in marketing does this.

Keep existing customers

From time to time you need to refresh the connection with your customers. This is a job gamification does brilliantly, because you can connect on deeper levels that make emotional sense to your customers.

Grow customer value

Most companies have a large lump of customers who want to buy more if prompted the right way. Gamification in marketing is very effective as a “wake up” tool that engages customers and their wallets.

Empowering the ambitious marketer

Leadfamly will level up your marketing team’s innovation and execution agility:

Added execution power

The agility and flexibility is a real gift for marketers who need to act and react quickly when ideas and opportunities arise. Furthermore, we make it easy to track results and point out what works best.

An industry-leading technology

The Leadfamly platform is your best-in-class solution to build interactive marketing campaigns with 25+ pre-built game concepts, which ensures on-brand experiences with no coding skills required.

Gaining a strategic partner

Leadfamly are experts in gamification in marketing. We help companies in search of competitive advantage create strong business results fast through a flexible gamification platform and ongoing education.

“Game mechanics give us a way to listen to our customers’ preferences and use that information to direct products to the markets that they’ll perform best in. Gamification campaigns have also lowered our CPL and reduced a new customer’s first time to purchase. In addition to all of this, the data we gathered also enabled me to write a brief to our organization about what our audience wants from Masai.”
— Maria Stigsnæs-Eriksen, Head of E-Commerce Sales & Campaigns, Masai Read the success story

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