Let your audience show what they know 

This game category typically requires that the audience must demonstrate knowledge to do well in the game. When done right, this enables you to see a very high level of engagement.

Learn more about the formats below.  

Advent Calender

With our Advent Calendar, you can host small daily competitions throughout the entire month. Every day, your customers can visit the campaign, scratch a field, and answer a question.

Guess The Image

LeadFamly’s Guess The Image game allows you to present your customers with visual content such as new product series, increasing brand awareness, or conveying a particular message.

Guess The Word

Guess The Word tests your participants’ knowledge in a fun and challenging way, making them concentrate closely on the items and products of your choice.

Level Quiz

This game is a variation of the Leadfamly Quiz module. Quizzes are good for getting your target audience to interact with your content.

Personality Test

The Leadfamly Personality Test gives you exciting opportunities to activate your target audience. The Personality Test can be a fun and informal campaign that is also used as a product selector.

Place The Item

Place The Item is a quick and fun way to test your target audiences’ knowledge of your products and offers and also helps you gather valuable customer insights.


The Polling game can be applied in several different situations. It can be used when launching a new product or logo to ask customers which one they like best.


With Prediction, you can get information about your customers’ opinions and wishes in a fun and engaging way.

Priority Puzzle

From the Leadfamly platform, you can set up your own Priority Puzzle where you ask participants to set certain graphic elements in the correct order before time runs out.


Using fun and challenging questions, you can test your customers’ knowledge about specific subjects, including your products and your company’s core values.


Use the Survey function in the Leadfamly platform to gather feedback and/or insights into your customers’ experiences or your products.

Video Quiz

Use fun and challenging questions and video to test your customers’ knowledge about specific subjects.

Weekly Advent Calender

Inspired by the tradition of celebrating the four Sundays of Advent, the weekly Advent Calendar invites your customers to open one door per week.

Explore our other Game Formats

Luck Games

Players win by chance. These concepts are high-converters but low engagers.

Skill Games

Tap into your audiences’ desire to compete and be challenged. Equally high converting and engaging.