Create long lasting experiences for your audience

This game category typically requires effort and focus from your audience. Done right, these games can create a long lasting experience for the audience. 

Learn more about the formats below. 

Drop Game

The Drop Game is like an updated version of a classic arcade game. Items falling from the top of the screen are either caught or avoided by a container.

Hide And Seek

The game takes place on your own website, where it guides your customers around as they search for information on different subpages.

Hit The Target

Hit The Target engages your audience in a fun way. It’s like an updated version of a classic arcade game.

Memory game

Your participants have to memorize what is on the back side of each card they flip in order to match them in pairs.

Product Selector

Showcase new products or releases in a visual and interactive way. Grab your customers’ attention and have them choose their favorite out of a series of options, from one to 20.


Puzzles can be both exciting and fun when they challenge your customers’ ability to figure out how things fit together.

Shell Game

Gamify your marketing by building your own online Shell Game with leadfamly. Participants are challenged to focus intensely on the game, ensuring that their attention is squarely on your brand.

Sliding Puzzle

With the LeadFamly platform, you can build a Sliding Puzzle game yourself. This game concept is particularly suitable for activation of the most loyal members of your target audience.


The Snake game is our take on the iconic game that gained popularity in the late 1990s.

Spot The Difference

With Spot The Difference, participants must find a set number of errors in one of two matching images within a time limit.

Swipe it

Using Swipe It is a fun way to quickly get your customers’ opinions on products while familiarizing them with your offers. It functions like popular dating apps.

Explore our other Game Formats

Luck Games

Players win by chance. These concepts are high-converters but low engagers.

Knowledge Games

Stimulate your audience with concepts that make them use what they know. High engagement rates.