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Here’s the latest about gamification in marketing and how you can use this technique to get, keep, and grow your customers.


A Key Difference: How Games Make Consumers More Likely To Share First-Party Data

Leadfamly's CEO explains why data insights sometimes surprise us and what this means for marketers.

Customer Engagement

Here’s How To Use Behavorial Science To Level Up Customer Experience

Behavioral science can help marketers grab attention and enhance the customer experience. Here's how.

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Gamification 101

9 Gamification Strategy Tips Your Business Can Steal

9 Gamification Strategy Tips Your Business Can Steal You’ve probably heard that you can use games to motivate user engagement...

Data Enrichment

Gamification and the value exchange: how to make the most of location data

First-party data like location or zip code can be your brand's competitive advantage - here's why.

Gamification 101

Creating game-changing possibilities for your brand

The YouGov data study looks at: why consumers engage with a brand, incentives, and when consumers will share first-party data.

Customer Engagement

The Engagement Problem: Switch Your Consumers Back On With Game Mechanics

How to engage your customers with game mechanics.

Customer Engagement

3 Smart Easter Games To Engage And Convert Your Audience

Here’s how marketing gamification can help you create exceptional campaigns this Easter.

How To Warm Up Cold Leads With Marketing Automation

How to warm up cold leads is no easy task for any marketer or salesperson.

Data Enrichment

What Is First Party Data?

Why is first party (and zero party) data so important? And how can you collect the data that matters?

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