Find new customers and partners with the help of gamification. Deepen the relationship, educate, and even generate buzz
around your business.

Assess the sales process with gamification

Use gamification as an effective engagement tool to draw
in and educate potential customers and businesses
while moving them through the sales funnel.

Design a referral process that uses gamification

84% of B2B decisions begin the buying process with a referralĀ¹. Leverage this and create a clever and engaging way to get new leads.

At Solar we use LeadFamly for simple brand awareness campaigns as well as part of automated flows for lead generation. The system is very intuitive and support both via FAQs and helpdesk works really well.

Furthermore the dedication and willingness to help from everyone at LeadFamly together with the success that we have had with the system, are some of the main reasons why we now see LeadFamly as an integrated part of our marketing setup.

Morten Gleerup
Group Marketing Director

Enrich your contacts for segmentation

Get to know your customers and build customer profiles by capturing key interest data for improved segmentation.

Educate your
audience in a fun and accessible way

Often people mistake B2B as dry and complex. Create interactive campaigns using gamification that can help you spread awareness and educate your audience about your products and services for other businesses.