Banks & Insurances

Teach your audience to expect more from their financial providers. Use gamification to highlight financial services and products your current or potential customers may be missing today.

Turn followers into customers and customers into promoters. Do this by using gamification to engage, educate, and delight your audience.

Educate your audience in a fun and accessible way

Financial topics can be dry and complex for consumers. Create interactive campaigns using gamification that can help you spread awareness and educate your audience about your financial products and services.

Sydbank wanted to make sure their business customers were familiar with the kinds of specialized advice they could offer, so as a part of a larger campaign they used the Leadfamly platform to build a quiz that participants could take to test their own knowledge of those four areas.

After each question, participants got feedback on whether they answered correctly or incorrectly, and at the end of the test they were presented with their overall score. With this, they were given the opportunity to view a video clip that explained more about the benefits of each knowledge area. They could also choose to contact, or be contacted by, one of the business advisors who is a specialist in the chosen field – something that 44% of the participants chose to do.

Capture new data layers

Game campaigns can provide new layers of data Facebook can’t provide, allowing you to segment by interest, catering more targeted messages and offers to fans and followers.

Enrich your contacts for segmentation

Get to know your customers and build customer profiles by capturing key interest data for improved segmentation.