Engage your audience with gamified campaigns to attract potential students. Capture market share, be memorable, and point them towards programs they’d be interested in all from one platform. 

Present courses and offerings in an interactive way

Attract your audience with quizzes or personality tests that help them decide on their course of study. 

Enrich your contacts for segmentation

Get to know prospective and current students  by capturing key interest data for improved segmentation, allowing you to tailor learning experiences based on their preferences.


We wanted to add a different and more engaging form of content to our marketing strategy by using gamification. 

Since the autumn of 2018, we’ve had a good collaboration with Leadfamly, and we have used their platform as a tool to achieve our marketing efforts.

The platform is easy to use, and our experience has been very positive. Our gamification campaigns have been engaging for users and have generated both clicks and traffic to our website.

After each question, participants got feedback on whether they answered correctly or incorrectly, and at the end of the test they were presented with their overall score. With this, they were given the opportunity to view a video clip that explained more about the benefits of each knowledge area. They could also choose to contact, or be contacted by, one of the business advisors who is a specialist in the chosen field – something that 44% of the participants chose to do.

Morteza Mohammadi
Digital Marketing
University of Southern Denmark

Focus on mobile-first content

Meet potential students where they spend time online and on the right device. The Leadfamly platform allows users to create responsive game experiences without the need for development resources.

Keep your name top-of-mind

Educate, raise awareness, and engage your audience with gamified campaigns. Use this tool to be memorable and innovative.