Educate consumers on your brand and products in a fun way. Create engaging game campaigns that entice consumers to buy your products or visit your stores.

Capture new
data layers

Game campaigns can provide new layers of data and information on customer profiles. This allows you to segment by interest and show more targeted messages and offers to current and prospective customers. 

Create a strategy
that will cut through the noise of
your competition

Add gamification to your marketing strategy to educate, engage, or inform current and potential customers.

It’s a tradition in Denmark: every spring, when organic dairy cows leave their winter stalls for greener pastures, everyone is invited out to the farm to celebrate. It’s called Organic Day (Økodag in Danish), and this year Arla promoted the event by building an attractive landing page that contained information, contests, and activation games.

The majority of Arla’s communications about Organic Day were sent out via Facebook and in print media. The purpose of the Organic Day landing page was to get all of the customers who were actually interested in attending an event in one place, so they could learn more and get excited.

The campaign is a great example of how a company can use games to activate its users at different points along the customer journey.

Create excitement with your social media or
omni-channel strategy

Use gamification to drum up excitement about your brand or a specific product. Build multiple touch points with customers who start as online fans and followers and motivate them to buy your product or physically visit your store(s).

Curate brand experiences

Add another dimension to your brand experience(s). Use game campaigns to easily show what you are about. Make this shareable; especially for millennials who like to learn about brands from each other.