Fundraising & Community

Engage your audience with gamified campaigns to attract and engage potential volunteers and donors. Deepen your relationship with fans and generate buzz around for your cause.

Generate quality engagement

Use gamification techniques to engage your audience and get a constant influx
of volunteers and potential donors. 

Build game campaigns on
a budget

Leadfamly gives you full control to build, manage, and execute your very own branded games and campaign pages when it works best for your organization.

“We just recently started using the Leadfamly platform, and we are currently building our first campaign.  

We like how versatile the platform is, and the customer service is top notch. So far, we’ve experienced how helpful the Customer Success team is. They are always ready — from the onboarding process when we just got our license to being readily available in their support chat — to answer our questions or help us understand how a feature works. When you have a problem the support team focuses on solutions that works for you, your brand and campaign – and always meet you with a smile and positive attitude.”

Mille Schütte 
Head of Lead Generation
Red Cross Denmark

Enrich your contacts for segmentation

Get to know your customers and build customer profiles by capturing key interest data for improved segmentation.

Drive fundraising awareness and efforts

Engage your audience through games and turn website visitors and social media followers into donors or your organization’s champions.