Government & Non-Profit

Educate, raise awareness, and engage your audience with gamified campaigns. Use this tool to learn, to make a request from the audience, or to gamify fundraising.

Build awareness for your cause or purpose

Use gamification to spread the word. With the platform, you can also collect data insights to help define and inform the organization.

Find new contributors and volunteers

Do this by using gamification to engage and check in with your audience.
Figure out how to best motivate them. 

“The Danish Cancer Society wanted to dispel some long standing myths about cancer, which have permeated through the Danish population. They decided to challenge those myths by making a quiz through the Leadfamly platform, where their visitors could test the validity of their beliefs about cancer.

During its two-week run, the campaign generated massive engagement, in terms of both the number of participants and the time each of them invested in the campaign. More than 20,000 visitors participated in the campaign, and about half of them registered their contact information through the platform.

About 52% of all campaign visits were converted to a lead.”

Understand the causes your
audience cares about

Game campaigns can add new layers of information to knowing what your audience and followers want to see.

Create excitement and
buzz for your cause

Add another dimension to your marketing efforts.
Game campaigns are engaging and can contribute to spreading the word about your organization.