Use marketing gamification to win new customers

Gamification in marketing is a tried and true way to win new customers.  

The competition to win customers has never been more intense

Consumers are the unwilling targets of a shouting contest between brands. Each of us receive thousands of marketing messages every day and we filter out most of them, just to stay sane. The problem is that brands rarely invite to real involvement.

The solution is to use game mechanics to create a fresh and engaging experience that captivate new customers.

How the use of game mechanics helps you win new customers

We know one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, but here are a few teasers of what this looks like

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    Build brand and product awareness more effectively

    Use game campaigns to create a value exchange: give a great experience and gain marketing permissions.

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    Learn about your customers, from your customers

    Get data directly from the source rather than relying on a list or bought permission. It’s data you can trust, and creates a transparent relationship with your audience.

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    Activate and attract potential customers

    Whether that’s time or money, using game mechanics enables you to get a higher return from your efforts.

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    Turn positive brand experiences into new customers ​

    Gamification amplifies marketing impact across any industry or size. Get ready to see your demand skyrocket.

“Game mechanics give us a way to listen to our customers’ preferences and use that information to direct products to the markets that they’ll perform best in. Gamification campaigns have also lowered our CPL and reduced a new customer’s first time to purchase. In addition to all of this, the data we gathered also enabled me to write a brief to our organization about what our audience wants from Masai.”
— Maria Stigsnæs-Eriksen, Head of E-Commerce Sales & Campaigns, Masai Read the success story
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“We can build campaigns ourselves, and the Leadfamly platform is so easy to use. We are so happy with the success of our campaigns. Because of how well they’ve performed, we will now make a lot more game campaigns for this year’s marketing strategy than we originally planned. The Leadfamly platform is for companies that want to gather new leads, delight current customers, and entice customers to spend valuable time interacting with your brand.”
— Katja Franch Vinding, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Zizzi Read the success story

Catching fleeting attention is one thing, captivating your audience is another.

We can help you with that.

Keep Existing Customers

Engage your audience in a fresh and mesmerizing way, and grow loyalty with game mechanics.

Grow Customer Value

Use gamification in marketing to animate your customers to engage and do business with your brand.