Grow customer lifetime value more than you thought possible

Gamification in marketing provides a sure path to developing a lasting relationship with customers and improving your bottom line.

Fend off distractions

It’s hard to create a connection that lasts with your customers. The problem is that they have endless options and that most brands fail to remain relevant.

But there’s a solution: using game mechanics to create and maintain genuine involvement.

How marketing gamification drives customer lifetime value

That can look different depending on your customers’ needs, but here are a few teasers of what this looks like:

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    Develop a deeper, more loyal relationship with your customer

    Create another layer of trust with your customer by pulling them into memorable experiences, and not using traditional push marketing.

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    Inspire customers to buy more

    Once you have established a closer connection with the customer, he or she will be more open to your offering and inclined to buy more.

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    It’s better to win than to just receive

    Studies show that people are more likely to use vouchers they have earned rather than merely received. Use this fact to grow your business.

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    Give value, get value

    Offer memorable and engaging experiences for your audience, and in return you can ask for the information that matters to you and your brand.

“In my world, that’s crazy that you can get two minutes of engagement from a single experience. It’s important to know where your customers engage with you when you build your campaigns. So for us to know that 85% of our audience took the Hygge Personality Test on a mobile device. For us, that means we have to think mobile-first and build our campaigns for mobile. Luckily, the platform also supports that.”
— Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen, Digital Marketing Manager, VERO MODA Read the success story
“The Leadfamly platform is an easy-to-use platform. It takes the same effort as creating a typical social campaign. With Leadfamly’s platform, we have been able to create a fun and engaging layer that brings us closer to our audience. We can also easily create a game that activates a ‘sleepy’ segment and then engage and activate them.”
— Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen, Head of Media & Digital, McDonald’s Denmark Read the success story

Growing customers is one thing, getting and keeping them is another.

We can also help you with that.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Engage your audience in a fresh and mesmerizing way, and grow loyalty with game mechanics.

Get New Customers

Activate and engage your audience. Catch their attention and drive awareness for your brand or new products and services.