We’re with you all the way

We succeed only when our customers succeed. Therefore, we care deeply about our customers and work together to ensure they hit their KPIs.

Leadfamly is more than just a software

We offer a full package which includes our gamification platform, strategic and creative advice from our experts, extensive resources in our Academy, and technical support whenever you need it.

From first hello to everyday
business impact

Here are the milestones that we would achieve along the way,
if we work together. 

  • 01

    Is there a fit?

    Marketing gamification is not for everyone and yet it still is. In theory any company, brand, or organization will be able to engage their audiences through game mechanics. However, really getting the full benefit requires a specific way of thinking and working. Therefore we need to find out if the baseline is in place. If that’s the case then let us move forward; if not, that’s okay. The only thing we promise you is that we are in it as long as we can see that there could be a fit that empowers you to have the expected outcome.

  • 02

    You reveal everything – and so do we!

    Already now, you might be excited about what marketing gamification can do for your business. Excitement is good, but it will not take you all the way. Therefore we want to understand your business properly including what your goals are, where should growth come from, which priorities do you have in place to make you succeed, and what stands in the way of your happiness. The more we learn about you, the more we know  how to share the good stuff we’ve learned along the way. We strive to always be super generous with our knowledge and to hold nothing back. You’ll learn quite a lot in this stage and if we agree to move forward, we’ll have the right things in place!

  • 03

    Our recommendation

    Based on all the things that we have learned, we’ll combine this with our experience based on thousands of examples from our customers into a recommendation. We help identify the focus areas that will be the pillars of adding gamification to your marketing mix and increase your chances of achieving your business goals. On top of that we will also build the right plan for you to get started with the quickest path to value.

  • 04

    Calibrating the details right

    Basically, we are now on the same page about the solution and a roadmap for implementation. It’s time to fine-tune the details —as you might want to add a few or tweak things in the recommendation. The main thing is to end up in the right place. We will take the lead and let you know when we think it is decision time.

  • 05

    Time to decide

    Because we’ve made the decision together to make the right investment, this stage is pretty simple: Now you simply just need to give the collaboration a “go” or “no go”.

  • 06

    The paperwork

    Now an agreement is being drafted. During this process, our legal and compliance team will support you to get everything right.

  • 07

    Let’s get to work

    We introduce the platform to you and train your colleagues to use it. All the way and along the way, we are ready to help you get the most out of the platform. Ready to grow your business with gamification.