Give your customers a reason to keep coming back

Game mechanics make your brand lively and memorable so your audience keeps coming back for more.

Keeping customers engaged

With all of the marketing messages, our brains have become trained to glance and move on. The problem is that brands market broader and more frequently, which doesn’t work.

The solution is to use game mechanics to pull your customers back in and delight them with engaging experiences.

How gamification in marketing will help you keep customers

We know one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, but here are a few teasers of what this looks like

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    Engage your customers in the way that works every time

    Use game mechanics to target your audience in the way that works for them. Personalize the experience, and in return, spend more time together.

  • 02

    Activate sleepy members of your database

    Catch the attention of inactive members of your audience with a memorable experience to re-engage them.

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    Minimize churn by continuously engaging your audience

    Keep delighting your customers with gamified campaigns, and turn them into loyal ambassadors.

  • 04

    Keep customers happy

    With so much competition, your audience is tired of messaging being pushed on them. Pull them in in a fresh way, which they’ll look forward to every time.

Coop Gamification Background
“We’ve been using the Leadfamly platform for over a year, and it’s greatly helped with our CRM (customer relationship management). It’s an easy-to-use platform, and we can see that the more our customers win vouchers and pick them up, the more often they visit a Coop store. This is great for us. We recommend the Leadfamly platform for companies that want control over how often and how they engage their customer base.”
— Stine Hein, Head of Coop Loyalty Programs, Coop Read the success story
“A successful marketing campaign is part of a mix: social media posts, peer recommendations, great visuals, and of course, a great product. Gamification amplifies this and helps us to convert our audience more than we ever could with a marketing stack without a gamification tool. It can also draw lapsed customers back to the brand, which is something we are always trying to do.”
— Perry Minster, Marketing Manager, W7 Cosmetics Read the success story

Keeping customers is one thing, growing them is another. We can also help you with that.

Get New Customers

Activate and engage your audience. Catch their attention and drive awareness for your brand or new products and services.

Grow Customer Value

Use gamification in marketing to animate your customers to engage and do business with your brand.