Spin The Bottle

Gamify your marketing by building your own online Spin The Bottle game with Leadfamly. Spin The Bottle is a fun variation on the traditional Wheel Of Fortune, a popular game of luck. In this version, it is not the wheel that spins but the marker in the middle.

In addition to using your own branded graphics for both the wheel and the bottle, you get to decide how many times the players can spin the bottle as well as how many prizes to give out. With a high-conversion game like Spin The Bottle, you can include extra fields in your registration form to collect more than just a name and email.

With a Leadfamly Spin The Bottle game, you can quickly and easily activate existing customers and collect permissions from new leads. The system will automatically find and notify winners on your behalf, which makes prize distribution simple.

Spin The Bottle benefits

  • Broad appeal
  • High participation rate
  • Positive brand associations
  • High conversion rate