Everything you need to integrate gamification in your marketing

All in one place, Leadfamly is a flexible software that empowers you to be the creative, the builder, the doer, all in-house.

Use game concepts that
meet all your marketing needs

Whether you want to drive awareness, win new customers, or want to give existing customers a reason to engage with your brand, we have 30+ game concepts to choose from that fits every need.

Choose from a range of different skill games, knowledge games, or luck games.

Create engaging game-based marketing campaigns

Use our game CMS and pre-built game templates to build engaging marketing campaigns that seamlessly connect with your existing MarTech stack.

From ideation to execution, our platform enables digital marketers to build on-brand experiences – no coding skills required.

“First of all your set-up is fantastic and user friendly. Secondly, we have complete control over our visuals so we are able to put our own visual mark on every single competition. I am very happy to use the Leadfamly platform— it gives me an overview of the campaign, and the best online support I have experienced to date. High five to the team 😊.”
— Marie Boel, Graphical Marketing Coordinator, ALDI Read the success story

Key features

Our platform empowers everyday users to ideate, build, and execute gamification campaigns.
Here are the features that enable this:

Game CMS

Game content flow and landing page management, dynamic content, video embedding, countdown modules, social sharing, interactive pop-ups, and more.

Visual editor

The Leadfamly platform has an intuitive frontend editor that makes using game mechanics quick and easy. Use the custom landing page builder to ensure on-brand experiences and a pre-launch demo mode to do that last quality check.

Branded design & layout

Apply custom CSS and use toggle grids for enhanced layout. Responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Seamless integrations

With over 70+ native integrations, we have you covered with email and marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, storage solutions, and all major CRM systems.

Advanced prize settings

Advanced prize and winner management including location-based prizes and mobile voucher management.

Real-time dashboard & analytics

Keep an eye on campaign visits, registrations, engagement insights, conversion rates, and drop-offs by flow step or page.

Customized campaign templates

Create branded templates to ensure consistency for your brand and above all speed up your campaign execution

Advanced user management

Grant role-based access to the platform and manage access rights for campaign contributors.

Pre-built game concepts

Get access to 30+ pre-built game concepts that help you create on-brand campaigns – no coding skills required.

Tokmanni_background_game_CustomerSuccess Copy 3
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“There are lots of different possibilities when we use the Leadfamly platform. This is far more cost effective for us, and because of that, we can also run more frequent campaigns that use gamification, both timed ones as well as longer running campaigns. In addition, I’ve built games with Flash Player and then HTML5. The Leadfamly platform is as straightforward as it gets.”
— Hans Björkendahl, Digital Marketing Manager, Tokmanni Read the success story

The Game Types

The game concept you pick isn’t the most important to your success, but it’s still important to understand the categories. We’re always here to help you pick the right game and share what we know works.


Whatever you build, the Leadfamly platform will sit well within your marketing tech stack. Send your data to Hubspot, integrate into your email platform, and even connect your preferred analytics tool.