2018: A Year In Review

2018 was a wild ride for us at LeadFamly – we worked hard to reach our goals for the year and are now ready to take on an even greater 2019!

This past year has been a fantastic growth period for us – both with regards to our customer base and also the traction of our product and consumer engagement. We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team, customers, and partners. We really appreciate the trust you’ve placed in LeadFamly and our product.

Consumers and businesses in over 200 countries participated in the gaming experiences we enable brands to build and share. And the results speak for themselves: gamification techniques not only spark engagement and improve retention rates, but also allow brands to drive omnichannel business and gather key data that help them provide even better product and service experiences.

We’re excited to have welcomed many new customers in 2018. Take a peek at what Arla, Spar, ALDI, Sydbank and Sinful managed to accomplish with LeadFamly.

LF 2019 stats

Tripling our customer base and entering new markets

We’re thrilled that more and more companies and brands are joining LeadFamly and using our solutions. This is proof of a strong product with market impact. After securing a strong position in Denmark, we decided to enter Finland, the UK, and the Netherlands in 2018.

LF 2019 stats

New offices = new colleagues

Building on the success of 2018, we plan to expand our operations to Germany, Australia, and South Africa in 2019. That means this year will be even busier, and we’re expecting +70% headcount growth in 2019.

New year, new career? Check out our open positions. Be sure to bookmark the page and check it regularly, as you can expect to see some action here in the coming weeks and months.

LF 2019 stats

Rapid growth requires energy

Growing rapidly is lots of fun but also requires lots of energy – and what better source than loads of protein and caffeine? In 2018, it turns out we…

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