Ready To Drive Footfall To Stores And Retain Your Audience?

Personalization matters.

According to recent research from marketing firm Epsilon, 90% of consumers find personalized experiences appealing, and 80% say they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that offers them. To us, this means the more personalization, the better. And it doesn’t have to stop with the type of game you create for each persona. Here are two add-ons we’ve created that can help you personalize the post-game experience.

Two new add-ons in the platform

Add-on: Bulk prize by location

Location-based prizes make it convenient for multi-location businesses to set prizes based on inventory. This makes it easier for businesses to manage multi-location campaigns, and helps you utilize existing inventory more efficiently. 

For example, a travel agency wants to promote new travel packages to their Northern European audience. They’ve decided to create a Personality Quiz, “Are you a beach bum, a city dweller, or an adventure seeker?”. 

In the registration form, the travel agency can share a dropdown of favorite destinations. For those who choose Thailand as their favorite from Thailand, Japan, and Peru, AND whose personality is a beach bum, they can receive a voucher or special offer on a trip to Thailand.

Another way this can be used is for retailers who want to allocate prizes based on store inventory. So, a supermarket could set prizes based on the store(s) in a certain postal code that has inventory.

Here’s how to set up a location-based bulk prize.

Add-on: Geography-based location search

Businesses can use this feature to allow players to search for the closest store to them. This means that if you have 20 stores in the UK, five in Denmark, and one in the Netherlands, then using this add-on helps your audience find the most convenient location. All the player has to do is enter their zip code, and then they are shown the closest locations to them on Google Maps. 

This add-on is completely independent of the bulk prize by location add-on, but players can also use this to see how close the store that they won a voucher is to them.  

Creating a unique experience that feels personalized and fun is essential for brands, especially in competitive industries like retail. A recent Salesforce reportThe State of Marketing, found that more than half of those surveyed (52%) are more inclined to change brands if a company doesn’t offer personalized communication. Knowing this, we say it’s worth the extra steps to create a post-game customized experience. Don’t you agree?