Now is the time to upgrade your marketing with gamification

Why? Gamification is a sure way to accomplish your business goals, whether that’s increased sales, more time spent with your brand, or driving traffic to your online or in-person store.

Why marketing gamification is the future

When you give your customers memorable experiences, they stick with you, buy more, and spread the word. Gamification in marketing is the most potent means to turn your target audience into valuable customers – at a scale, speed, and simplicity that you never thought possible.

How marketing gamification works

You can grow business in a simple and predictable way

Get the freedom to rediscover the path to real and sustainable growth – and create everyday business impact despite market complexity and customer disloyalty.

Our brains love games

Gamification helps you get past the mental protection shield – and engage people by triggering the deepest drivers of human activity.

Gamification makes marketing work again

Give your marketing a human vibe with gamification – and avoid the robotic feel that people sense when confronted with traditional marketing automation.

The Leadfamly gamification platform

Leadfamly offers an all-in-one platform that lets you design, execute, and track great game experiences. Set up branded games (no coding skills needed) with our wide range of pre-built templates and see how they perform in the real-time dashboard.

Carlsberg resized image
“The Leadfamly platform has given us a clear competitive advantage. Without it, the campaign would have taken too much time, been too difficult, and we would have risked operational problems and breakdowns during the campaign. With the platform it all works – I don’t have to worry at all.”
— Allard de Wijkerslooth, Media & Digital Manager, Carlsberg Read the success story

Use game mechanics to improve commercial efficiency​

Get customers

Drive awareness, activate potential customers, win new business.

Keep customers

Activate existing customers, drive brand engagement, and grow brand loyalty.

Grow customer value

Provide value, make customers buy more, increase the value of your customer base.